Genshin Influence TCG information for rookies: Card sport guidelines and phases defined


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Official artwork for Genius Invokation TCG (Image via HoYoverse)

The foundations of a card sport can usually be difficult and convoluted to observe, however Genshin Influence’s Genius Invokation TCG is not too obscure. Primarily, the aim of the sport is to get rid of all three of your opponent’s Character Playing cards. Every deck has three Character Playing cards and 30 Motion Playing cards.

There are a number of guidelines which can be price referencing right here:

  • All Character Playing cards have HP
  • Each Character Card has a distinct set of talents accessible to them
  • There are three phases to each flip on this TCG
  • Rolling cube is instrumental to the sport’s mechanics
  • Elemental Reactions are current on this TCG

A extra in-depth breakdown will happen within the following part of this text.

Genshin Influence information for rookies: Genius Invokation TCG guidelines

Official artwork for Genius Invokation TCG (Image via HoYoverse)
Official paintings for Genius Invokation TCG (Picture by way of HoYoverse)

Genshin Influence gamers should full the “Come Attempt Genius Invokation TCG!” to get began with this new sport mode. That quest requires Vacationers to have already accomplished the “Archon Quest Prologue: Act III – Music of the Dragon and Freedom” and be Journey Rank 32 or greater.

Duel Guidelines

You will see this in a PvP match (Image via HoYoverse)
You will notice this in a PvP match (Picture by way of HoYoverse)

Vacationers will begin a match with both an NPC or one other participant. Simply know that you do not get rewards for dueling with different gamers. Anyone in search of free loot ought to stick with PvE content material associated to Genius Invokation TCG. Both method, you’ll finally comply with a match with any person.

A short loading display screen will occur the place either side can see the opposite’s three foremost Character Playing cards. A coin will flip to determine who goes first. You’ll draw 5 playing cards, however you may swap out something undesirable for one thing random earlier than the sport truly begins.

You’ll then be advised to “Choose your first character.” That might be your energetic character. Don’t fret, as you may change later.

A general overview of the game board (Image via HoYoverse)
A basic overview of the sport board (Picture by way of HoYoverse)

The above picture is a precious infographic for Genshin Influence gamers to have a look at, however let’s cowl some vital mechanics in additional element:

  • Character Zone: That is the place your three Character Playing cards go.
  • Summons Zone: That is the place issues summoned by Character and Motion Playing cards go. Solely 4 summons can exist right here.
  • Assist Zone: Assist Playing cards go right here, and solely 4 can exist at a time.
  • Character Abilities: Character Playing cards have abilities they’ll use once they’re the energetic character. This part is within the backside proper. Passives will not be seen right here.
  • Hand: You’ll be able to play the Motion Playing cards out of your hand. As much as ten playing cards could be in your hand at a given time.
  • Cube: You get to roll some cube at first of each flip. These cube are recorded within the high proper part and are used for Character and Motion Playing cards.

Each card is completely different, however they’re going to usually impression the sport board in a roundabout way.


Switching from one character to another is usually counted as a Combat Action (Image via StupidIdiot)
Switching from one character to a different is often counted as a Fight Motion (Picture by way of StupidIdiot)

There are three phases of Genshin Influence’s Genius Invokation TCG to cowl right here:

  • Roll Section: You roll eight Elemental Cube and may reroll undesirable cube if you would like, however solely as soon as per flip.
  • Motion Section: That is the place the primary a part of the sport happens. Genshin Influence gamers can use playing cards of their hand, change the energetic character, and so on.
  • Finish Section: Card results occur right here, after which gamers draw two playing cards for the following flip.

This course of repeats till one particular person loses. You’ll get Vitality for Elemental Bursts by attacking with a Regular Assault or Elemental Talent. Genshin Influence gamers also needs to know that the Motion Section has strikes that fall underneath two varieties of classes:

  • Fight Actions: Finishing a single Fight Motion passes the flip to your foe.
  • Quick Actions: You do one thing and proceed your flip.

Motion Playing cards fall underneath three classes:

  • Tools Playing cards
  • Occasion Playing cards
  • Assist Playing cards

Tools Playing cards are inclined to buff a personality, whereas Occasion and Assist Playing cards set off an impact of some sort.

Elemental Reactions in Genshin Influence’s Genius Invokation TCG


Here’s a record of Elemental Reactions to bear in mind when partaking in Genshin Influence’s Genius Invokation TCG:

  • Bloom: Hydro + Dendro = +1 DMG and a Dendro Core that offers +2 DMG within the subsequent Pyro or Electro assault
  • Burning: Pyro + Dendro = +1 DMG and creates a Burning Flame that does 1 Pyro DMG on the finish of a flip
  • Crystallize: Geo + Cryo or Electro or Hydro or Pyro = +1 DMG, and the energetic character positive aspects 1 Defend
  • Electro-Charged: Electro + Hydro = +1 DMG and does Piercing DMG to all enemies however the goal
  • Frozen: Cryo + Hydro = +1 DMG and prevents the goal from doing any actions for the flip, however the goal could be thawed by getting hit by a Bodily or Pyro assault for +2 further DMG
  • Soften: Cryo + Pyro = +2 DMG
  • Overloaded: Electro + Pyro = +2 DMG and forces the enemy to modify characters
  • Quicken: Electro + Dendro = +1 DMG and creates a Catalyzing Discipline to provide +1 DMG for the following three Dendro and Electro assaults
  • Superconduct: Cryo + Electro = +1 DMG and does Piercing DMG to all enemies however the goal
  • Swirl: Anemo + Cryo or Electro or Hydro or Pyro = 1 DMG of the non-Anemo Component to all enemies however the goal
  • Vaporize: Hydro + Pyro +2 DMG

Hopefully, these guidelines appear considerably primary for Genshin Influence gamers to observe in Genius Invokation TCG.

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