Swap Hardware Sales Now Over 125 Million, PS2, Nintendo DS Goal Accrued A System Off


Swap Hardware Sales Now Over 125 Million, PS2, Nintendo DS Goal Accrued A System Off


Feeling the burn

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Nintendo has posted its spoil-of-Twelve months document for FY2023 and as of March 2023, the Swap household of techniques has sold over 3 million for the reason that final quarter, bringing the lifetime total need of objects sold to a fab 125.62 million.

Reduction in February the total stood at 122.55, which took gross sales past the milestones articulate by every the Sport Boy (118.69 objects) and Sony’s PlayStation 4 (117.2). The Nintendo DS is unruffled forward within the ranks of easiest-selling video sport consoles, even though, with a whopping 154.02 million lifetime gross sales to its name. And Sony’s PS2 tops the table with 155 million.

Swap OLED became the hottest SKU within the final monetary Twelve months, even supposing total hardware gross sales declined by 22.1% Twelve months-on-Twelve months, with gross sales slowing over the 2022 vacation season in contrast to the previous Twelve months. Whereas the numbers are rather healthy given this level in Swap’s lifecycle heading into its seventh Twelve months, it’s obvious that issues are slowing down for the console.

(If you happen to might perhaps moreover very nicely be questioning, the impartial these days launched Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Swap OLED is no longer accounted for in these lifetime Swap numbers, so the excellent resolve on the time of writing will now be bigger than those reported.)

Here’s the breakdown by SKU adopted by their share trade Twelve months-on-Twelve months:

  • Nintendo Swap – 6.14 million objects (-54.7.1%)
  • Nintendo Switch – OLED Model – 9.22 million objects (+58.8%)
  • Nintendo Swap Lite – 2.62 million objects (-29.2%)
  • Total Swap Hardware Sales for FY2023 – 17.97 million objects (-22.1%)

And here’s how issues stand in contrast to Nintendo’s previous console gross sales:

ConsoleTotal Sales
DS154.02 Million
Swap125.62 Million
Sport Boy118.69 Million
Wii101.63 Million
Sport Boy Reach81.51 Million
3DS75.94 Million
Family Computer / NES61.91 Million
Substantial Family Computer / SNES49.10 Million
N6432.93 Million
GameCube21.74 Million
Wii U13.56 Million

Can Swap catch the PS2 to become the excellent-selling console in history? Smartly, with video games like Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and its themed Swap OLED SKU obvious to give a gross sales bump, and with of us upgrading their growing older Switches with shiny new versions, there might be completely life left within the scheme but, so we would no longer be taken aback.

However, the Twelve months-on-Twelve months decline suggests it might perhaps perhaps be a wrestle without heavy discounting. Nintendo will certainly be eyeing Vacation 2023 as a likelihood — in all likelihood the final good one? — to give Swap a gross sales push, so discounted bundles would seem seemingly.

With such a pleasant library of evergreen titles, even though, there might be seemingly for these numbers to grow even after the originate of Nintendo’s subsequent console, whenever that can be.

Invent you reflect Swap will ever descend DS and the PS2? Let us know below.


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