26 Efficient Things That Offer Boundless Ways To Help With Everyday Chores


26 Efficient Things That Offer Boundless Ways To Help With Everyday Chores


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Entertainment 26 Efficient Things That Offer Boundless Ways To Help With Everyday Chores

You’ll find yourself using these items pretty much every day.

Entertainment 1. An electric pressure washer to help you blast away every speck of dirt on your outdoor furniture, walkways, and more.

Entertainment table that is half dark brown and half light brown where it was cleaned

It comes with five quick-connect cleaning tips so you can choose the perfect one for the task at hand — including a tip for soap, which you can use to easily wash your car. It generates up to 2030 psi and has a two-year warranty.

Promising review: “I just power washed my deck and I’m amazed at this machine! The quality of the build is strong, the controls and intuitive, an the instructions are easy to understand. It did a perfect job cleaning my deck and I’m going to use it to power wash my patio and front porch for painting. I intend to use it for car washing since I can’t find a good car wash that actually cleans the entire car. This will do what any coin op car wash can do for sure. The wind up hose is very convenient, and the detergent dispenser works like a charm.” —James E VanDyke

Get it from Amazon for $169.90.

Entertainment 2. set of drill brushes so effective, you’ll be shocked how clean your bathroom used to be.

Entertainment Reviewer using the brush to clean grime out of a tub

Entertainment one of the brushes attached to a drill next to a shower pane with half still fogged up and the other super clear

Promising review: “So I kept seeing this item on TikTok and thought, Heck, why not? I love this item for deep cleaning, whether it’s car mats, shoes, or the shower.” —A. Givens

Get it from Amazon for $18.95 (available in six colors).

Entertainment 3. A set of Sheet Keeper bands to keep your sheet sets together and properly labelled. GOODBYE, frantically searching for a matching pillowcase before your guests arrive in 30 minutes. 

Entertainment stacks of sheets with yellow and off white bands wrapped around them to keep them orderly

SheetKeeper / Etsy

Sheet Keeper is a woman-owned small business based in Los Angeles and their adorable bedding bands will actually make staying organized fun!

Promising review: “Great product. Came quickly and they work great! Such a great idea to keep sheets organized and together while being able to tell what size bedding it is. Will order again for sure!” —devonhansen1

Get a set of two from Sheet Keeper on Etsy for $13.99 (available in sizes twin—California king, as well as in duvet and comforter labels).

Entertainment 4. Slow cooker liners so you don’t have to yank the heavy pot out of the cooker to clean it. Bags! Gotta love ’em.

Entertainment two different foods in two different bags in the same crock pot


Bonus! These are also great for cooking cheesecakes. Just wrap the pan in one before dipping it in the water bath to keep it nice and dry. 

Promising review: “This is a great deal on the multi-pack!!! Since trying these, I always use them when cooking in my Crockpot!! Cleanup is so, so easy. No mess, guaranteed!!!” —Sue

Get 48 from Amazon for $27.10.

Entertainment 5. A pack of eco-friendly sponge cloths that are highly absorbent and dishwasher-safe, so you can cut down on your — quite frankly — ridiculous paper towel waste. Use them for cleaning dishes, counters, walls, furniture, and more. 

Entertainment A reviewer using the cloth to clean a plate

Entertainment the pack of sponge cloths

Promising review: “I rarely write reviews, but these deserve a shoutout. SO much more substantial than Handi Wipes and you can really, really scrub with them but they never feel yucky like a sponge does. I have soaked them in bleach, thrown them in the washer, and they come out great every time. I’ve used the same two for a month now and they still look great! When they go downhill, I can compost them. I only wish they had a few other colors, maybe a royal blue or sage green?” —Amazon Customer

Get a 10-pack from Amazon for $13.97 (available in 10 colors).

Entertainment 6. A trio of Fly By Jing sauces and spices featuring Chili Crisp, sweet-yet-tangy Zhong Sauce, and Mala Spice Mix. You’ll find that these will quickly become a staple in the kitchen and elevate pretty much any meal. 

Entertainment buzzfeeder holding a jar of Mala Spice Mix

Kristina Bornholtz / BuzzFeed

All of the sauces are vegan! Fly by Jing was founded by Jing Gao, globally-renowned expert on Chinese cuisine creating delicious products inspired by her hometown of Chengdu.

Kristina says: “I’m a sucker for sauces and spices, and Fly by Jing has soared to the top of my pantry must-haves. Founded by Jing Gao, Fly By Jing is inspired by the flavors of her hometown of Chengdu, China. If you love Sichuan food (or any heat to your food *period*), you’ll love this lineup. Pictured above is the Mala Spice Mix a savory-spicy powder that is truly good on everything from beef bowls to roasted cashews. My other favorites are the Zhong Sauce (great for marinading and dipping) and the Sichuan Chili Crisp (also good on everything, even ice cream). Go ahead and just buy the trio.” —Kristina Bornholtz, BuzzFeed Staff

Get it from Fly By Jing for $46 or Amazon for $44.99

Entertainment 7. A jar of The Pink Stuff to clean basically anything. Scrubbing will be a thing of the past. And the future? Sparkly clean items as far as the eye can see. 

Entertainment a reviewer's pan with a stained bottom then shiny clean

Entertainment a reviewer's rubber boots, one stained with dirt and one clean

Promising review: “Oh my gosh — this stuff is a life-changer! Used it to get my fiberglass shower totally clean. Nothing else would get it done and this stuff brought my shower back to near new in one use. We’ve since cleaned a weird chalky film off our garage door, removed wall markings, and cleaned my storm door. We’ll never be without a jar (or three) of this stuff. Worth every penny.” —Nancy F.

Get it from Amazon for $5.97.

Entertainment 8. A mini fabric steamer that’ll ease the wrinkles out of your squished clothing faster than it would have taken to pull out the ironing board. It’s also great for steaming curtains or your mattress in between sheet changes. 

Entertainment hand holds the steam with caption this little steam is. game-changer! by wrinkles next to a before and after of a robe losing its wrinkles

BuzzFeed / https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R25DE7IMZRA1KQ/ref=cm_cr_getr_d_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B00MG2OOHK

It heats up in 90 seconds so this thing is FAST!

Promising review: “This product has changed my daily routine in THE most positive way!! I don’t go ANYWHERE in clothing that is not crisp, clean and professional looking, but the time, and money, that I have to invest to look this way can be VERY time consuming and costly. NOT ANY MORE!!! I love the size, portability and ease of use. I can now lessen my trips to the dry cleaner (and the requisite hunting for dry cleaner coupons). If this pup even acts like it’s getting ready to stop working, I’ll be online ordering a new one to be delivered STAT!!” —Snowdenr

Get it from Amazon for $27.47.

Read our review for all the details!

Entertainment 9. A magnetic meal planning pad with a detachable shopping list so you don’t have to hem and haw about what to make for dinner.

Entertainment meal planner on fridge


Promising review: “So cute, and helpful to keep on track with meal planning. I liked the first one I ordered so much that I just ordered a second one. I love that it has magnets on the back so that I can put it on my fridge and the whole family can see what’s for dinner each night. Perforated for easy list removal that doesn’t affect the menu side.” —Elizabeth Jeter

Get it from Amazon for $9.95.

Entertainment 10. A hand-powered chopper that will make quick work of your veggies with just a few pulls. It’ll feel like a fun game, and you can avoid wasting time on prep work. 

Entertainment reviewer using veggichop to chop onions

Entertainment chopped onion after chopping with veggichop

Promising review: “This chopper is amazing!! I love cooking, but used to absolutely HATE chopping onions…until someone gave me this chopper! Now I simply have to quarter the onion, throw it in the chopper, pull the handle about 10–15 times, and they’re ready to be used! No more teary eyes or spending a long time chopping onions. The cup is big enough to fit a whole onion…I think the capacity is 3 cups. There’s tons of other uses to this as well…you can chop pretty much anything from herbs, veggies and fruits, to making salsa and guacamole.” —Valjulia

Get it from Amazon for $18.18+ (available in two colors).



A pair of Command broom-holding wall mounts so those things can stop falling out of the closet and bopping you on the head. You can also use them to hang curtains, pool cues, or — according to some reviewers — lightsabers!

amazon.com, amazon.com

They can hold up to four pounds!

Promising review: “Super simple to put up, works great, and makes organization a snap! Really happy with how well this simple project turned out!!” —Mat Snyder

Get them from Amazon for $13.94+ (available in four styles).

Entertainment 12. An Oxo under-appliance flexible sweeper that’s thin and long so you can reach nooks and crannies both high and low. 

Entertainment the duster being used between a dishwasher and stove

Entertainment reviewer showing the length of the red duster

Promising review: “So, I never thought about cleaning under our sectional when we purchased it. It’s huge, heavy, and unmovable — and the kids like to eat nearby, so food is constantly rolling/sliding/migrating underneath and it gets disgusting. Too low-profile to vacuum; broom won’t fit. Was using one of the static dusters for ceiling fans that was doing a meh job — this little thing got yuck out from under there from…*shudder* let’s not talk about it. Great little tool. Fit under my washer, dryer, and fridge, too, which was an added bonus. Cleanup is easy, too.” —mmj

Get it from Amazon for $16.95.

Entertainment 13. A paper trimmer, but for food! Now you can guillotine anything from cucumbers to huge hunks of cheese with a satisfying “thwack!” Way better than using a normal kitchen knife. 

Entertainment person using slicer to cut cucumbers

Entertainment gif of person using it to cut cheese


Promising review: “This thing is a champ. It’s completely revolutionized my cheese and sausage game. The adjustable stop block is terrific; you can really speed through a block of cheese or a long summer sausage with clean and consistent cuts. I’ve only used it a handful of times so I can’t vouch for its long-term durability, but at just over $20 you really just can’t go wrong.” —LeffelMania

Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

Entertainment 14. An under-cabinet drawer so you can quickly grab what you need when you need it.

Entertainment A reviewer pulls out their drawer to reveal three sponges, four magic erasers, two handheld scrub brushes, one dish brush, four folded dish cloths, and a folded drying pad all neatly arranged

Promising review: “These are nice pieces that helped me organize underneath my bathroom sink! They fit perfectly! After organizing everything, I was so surprised I had so much more room that I grabbed more items out of the linen closet to fill it up. I still have a lot of room left. I bought these based off the high ratings and they hold true.” —Brad J. Leahy

Get it on Amazon for $24.97 (also available in bronze).

Entertainment 15. A three-in-one wooden furniture piece that can be a step stool, desk/table, or slide. It’ll help keep your kid occupied, whether they wanna play or help out in the kitchen. 

Weco is a small biz based in Riga, Latvia that sells handmade wooden home decor and furniture for kids.

Promising review: “Beautifully made, sturdy, and easy to assemble. Our son LOVES it! We had to pay duty fees, so keep that in mind when thinking of the final price. Still worth it though!” —Kimberly 

Get it from Weco on Etsy for $175.55+ (available in four colors and with or without a slide).

Entertainment 16. Bendable Luminoodle LED lights, which will be quite an upgrade from a flashlight.  You can bend the lights as needed and stick them to metal surfaces with their attached magnets. Now you can actually see what the heck you’re doing, even if it’s dark. 

Entertainment Reviewer with Luminoodle lights attached to the hood of their car

Entertainment Woman attaching luminoodle to the covering above her car

Promising review: “Versatile and efficient. I love ’em. Great for camping, night time auto work, or around the house. I’ve recommended these to friends.” —RW

Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in two sizes, in color, and with or without a battery pack).

Entertainment 17. A set of 3D-printed KitchenAid Tool holders so you finally have a place to store those darn things. 

Entertainment KitchenAid Tool Holder set placed on the bottom of a cabinet

McMaster3D on Etsy

McMaster3D is a Langhorne, Pennsylvania-based Etsy shop that specializes in 3D printing.

Promising review: ‘These are great! They come with command strips and I installed mine side ways on a cabinet instead of underneath and it’s working great! Saving so much drawer space.” —Etsy Reviewer

Get the set of three from McMaster3D on Etsy for $9.90+ (available in 12 colors).

Entertainment 18. An over-the-door shoe organizer that will organize and store more than just shoes, whether it’s an overflowing pantry, chaotic supply closet, or extensive shampoo collection. 

Entertainment Reviewer photo of shoes stored in the organizer

Entertainment Reviewer photo cleaning supplies stored in the organizer

Promising review: “Having no place to store my shoes was driving me nuts, and I was always tripping over shoes. I wasn’t sure if the pockets in the organizer would be large enough for my Crocs, but they fit perfectly when I put the shoes in heel first. (For reference: my Crocs are women’s size 9). I was able to get two pairs of sneakers in the last two sets of pockets as well. The pockets seem to be well made, and I’m confident that this shoe organizer will last.” —A. Roach

Get it from Amazon for $8.48 (available in five colors).

Entertainment 19. A six-outlet extender with two USB ports so you finally stop fighting with your roommates for outlet real estate. The built-in nightlight is just the cherry on top. 

Entertainment Reviewer turning the light on and off the charger with items plugged in

Entertainment Charger with several large plugs in it

Promising review: “So happy that I bought this beautiful wall charger. It looks much more expensive than what I have paid. The six outlets are so nicely positioned that I can use all of them at the same time. Two USB outputs are ideal for charging our phones. Highly recommend!” —Elaine

Get it from Amazon for $17.97.

Entertainment 20. A set of stainless-steel curved hooks ready to magically create extra storage wherever you can find a place to hang them. You can hang pots in the kitchen, hoodies in your closet, your one million reusable grocery bags in the entryway, etc.  

Entertainment a reviewer photo of a black and white mug hanging from the S-hooks mounted on a tension rod

Entertainment a reviewer photo of several bags and purses hanging from S-hooks that are hanging on a wire shelf in a closet

Promising review: “I am using most of these hooks to hang purses in a closet. It’s much easier for me to reach and see them. I hang them from the bottom shelf and they are not taking up valuable shelf space. Others are being used in the laundry room hanging from a metal shelving unit.” —Amy

Get a 20-pack from Amazon for $6.97.

Entertainment 21. A conditioning balm that offers a beautiful refresh to both wood AND leather items. Your accessories and furniture are gonna sparkle. ⋆。°✩ 

Entertainment the balm on a wooden surface

Entertainment the balm next to two leather boots, one looking old and scuffed and the other looking cleaner after using the balm

Humble Suds / Etsy

Humble Suds is a small biz based in Denver, Colorado that sells plant-based cleaning products. 

Promising review: “I was ready to buy a new leather living room set since my current one was weathered and scratched by the cat. Decided to try this product after seeing it on Google and it revived my furniture like I never would’ve imagined!! Love that it is natural and safe for a curious cat!! Five stars!!” —Shannon M. Campbell

Get it from Humble Suds on Etsy for $19.55.

Entertainment 22. A stylish velvet ottoman with secret storage and a flippable top so it can covert into a coffee table. It’s basically three pieces of furniture rolled into one! 

Entertainment A gold hairpin legged blush pink velvet ottoman with a removable lid

Entertainment BuzzFeed editor flipping the top of the ottoman to show the storage and the table top underneath

Amazon, Emma Lord / BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed editor Emma Lord loves this handy ottoman:

“I recently got one of these for my new apartment to stash my candles and ~candle accessories~ in and it’s pretty much become my favorite piece of furniture?? I use it to prop up my feet during work hours and sometimes if I want to eat on my couch I’ll use it as a tray. It’s also sturdy enough to sit on, if I ever wanted to have guests over and needed an extra chair. It was RIDICULOUSLY easy to set up — I had it done in less than 10 minutes, and probably didn’t even need the directions. It also just looks so darn cute (and comes in so many colors that I’m tempted to buy another!).”

Get it from Amazon for $49.99 (available in six colors).

Entertainment 23. A ball of slime putty that’ll make cleaning dust and debris feel like playtime.

Entertainment slime being applied to car vent


Promising review: “I was skeptical at first. I was afraid my keyboard would be all gummed up with yellow slime! The opposite, it cleaned it as good as new. Got all those dog hairs between the keys! No smell lingering on the keyboard or my hands. No sign I even used it except a clean keyboard. Kind of fun to play with. LOL.” —Billy

Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

Entertainment 24. Clever storage scrunchies so you can keep your necessary belongings close as you can clean, shop, cook, or whatever else needs to be done that day.  

Entertainment lip balm, pins, and other small items inside a reviewer's blue velvet scrunchie with zipper

Entertainment the scrunchie on reviewer's wrist

Promising review: “LIFE-CHANGER. I don’t have to bring my whole purse with me anymore. This fits so much more than expected and the colors are perfect. The blue especially is beautiful. Good quality.” —Tia

Get a three-pack from Amazon for $12.99 (available in three colors).

Entertainment 25. Really effective dental cleaning tablets reviewers love for cleaning retainers, dentures, or mouth guards in under 30 minutes. Say goodbye to that gross toothbrush you used to use every morning.

Entertainment brown dental trays

Entertainment trays only looking slightly off color

I also use these to clean mold off my toothbrush holder! It’s pretty much good for any small items with hard-to-reach places. 

Promising review: “Bought this based on the reviews and I gotta say it 100% works. I had my Invisalign retainers for 10 years and was placing them in a cup of water with mouthwash. Over time, the retainers got gunked up and started turning my retainers with a brown tint that couldn’t be removed even with brushing. I was thinking about replacing my retainers until I came across this product and gave it a shot. At first, the first tablet did clean it some and removed a lot of the brown tinting from my retainers. But after a couple of my uses, my retainers are crystal clear again. It removed 10 years of filth in a couple of treatments. I highly recommend this product if you want to keep your retainers clean.” —Herman L.

Get 120 tablets from Amazon for $17.44.

Entertainment 26. And an outlet timer with six auto-turnoff times so you can rest easy knowing that even if you do forget to the turn off the rice cooker or straightener, it won’t be on for long. 

Entertainment rectangle shaped outlet with buttons ranging from 15 minutes to six hours, plus an on/off and repeat button

Check out a TikTok of the outlet timer in action. 

Promising review: “I was looking for a better countdown timer to turn off corded entertainment devices after I fall asleep. The one I’ve been using has small buttons and a LCD display. Although any countdown time can be set on it, the display is hard to see in low lighting. This BN-LINK has larger buttons and knowing their order allows me to select a preset time in the dark. Yes, not infinitely flexible, but 15 and 30 minutes, plus 1, 2, 4 and 6 hours is close enough for my needs.” —Picky Consumer 01

Get it from Amazon for $11.99

Reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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