Weekly Horoscope: June 4 to June 10, 2023


Weekly Horoscope: June 4 to June 10, 2023


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Your weekly horoscope is here. Love takes a dramatic leap into the flames of desire, so go with over-the-top sentiment and bold declarations. This season, compliments and grand gestures really do get you everywhere! Balcony scenes like Romeo and Juliet? No problem. Sending flowers? Yes Ma’am! Have fun and be playful while also protecting your heart. Playing it safe? Discover your creative side and make a new friend while unleashing your inner Davinci. 

Read on to discover your weekly horoscope and what’s in store for your sign during the week of June 4 through June 10, 2023.

Entertainment Aries 

The planet of love, beauty, and desire sashays into your zone of dating and leisure right through to October. So dust off your drum kit or whatever you’ve got going on and get creative. Self-expression and fame through personal interest and talent come under the auspices of this fiery alignment, so less work and more play. Better yet, do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life, as the saying goes. Swipe right, fill your dance card, and win or break hearts; you have four months to refine a talent or search for love. Sign up for a dating show; why not?! Or take time out to work on your vitamin D levels by a pool and relax. 

Entertainment Taurus

Pleasure and beauty are found in domesticity, or at least in giving your nest a bit of va va voom. As your ruling planet, Venus is signing on for an extended stay in this zone, you may as well do her bidding. Associated with relationship harmony, the way to your or someone else’s heart is through hosting grammable experiences and bringing the party home. Even if it’s a soft glow-up, fluff the cushions, paint a wall, and make your space reflect your creative personality. This is your canvas; you can make it anything you want. In a rental? Pick up a vintage coffee table and paint the surface, try your hand at mosaic or tile, then start again if you don’t like it. Set up a drawing space if that’s more of your jam. This is the time to test drive your creative side without the pressure of presenting it to the world. 

Entertainment Gemini

This is your reminder if you’ve got space for some quick coffee dates, add them to your schedule. Keep it local and social, have fun, and enjoy your environment. The planet of love and beauty is on an extended stay in your neighborhood sector, so someone special may be the next person you greet while walking down the street. Organize friends to dress to a theme or show up for an easy activity that’s more fun and less competition. If you’ve been curious about learning a creative skill or trying your hand at the arts, this is your chance. An illustration course, why not? Or develop a theme and try the latest AI text-to-image tools to render your colorful ideas. 

Entertainment Cancer 

Venus struts into Leo on Monday, setting the stage for financial empowerment in your wealth and income sphere. As the cosmic goddess of love graces your money sector, unleash your fierce talents, skills, and ideas. Embrace the power of self-worth and let your unique talents shine. This is your moment to own your financial independence and create a life that aligns with your deepest values. Channel confidence into all you do, and don’t just demand what you deserve; make an offer that no one can refuse. Sisterhood and networks are essential on the professional path, so uplift and support your professional family on the journey of abundance for mutual gain. 

Entertainment Leo 

The planet of love and beauty heads into your sign on Monday, and it’s not business as usual. Instead of the annual three to four-week stay, Venus will be in Leo right through October eight, thanks to a rather long retrograde. Hashtag, not just Mercury. Venus spins into a backward slide every eighteen months sending its host sign (and the rest of us) into reflection. So if you’re suddenly contemplating your love life over dairy-free gelato and a new obsession with the ever-expanding galaxy of dating and reality shows, now you know why. A daring new look or dramatic purchase could be in order. Do your research before any significant investments, then take action once Venus is back on track. 

Entertainment Virgo 

Venus is casting a dazzling spotlight on your sphere of dreams and spirituality. This cosmic period invites you to infuse your Zen zone with a touch of Leonine glamour and perhaps drama. Honor the signs and symbols in your dream life with a beautiful dream journal and pen. Perhaps a softer-than-clouds addition to your bed or a bright throw. Because your nature is service-oriented, why not take the stage and lead a group in chanting (or join one if you’re shy), guided visual meditation, or crystal bowl singing. It’s a chance to share the subtle insights you pick up through keen observation and sensitivity or try your talents at dream interpretation for friends. 

Entertainment Libra 

Your social battery needs to be on a full charge as Venus struts into your sphere of friendships, groups, and clubs. This could look like dressing up and attending glamorous dinners, only the best for you and your crew, and make it extra. Venus is the planet associated with pleasure, relating, and the arts, all favored by your sign. So the next four months, regardless of co-present themes in your life, this one favors your sensibilities. So get dressed, organize your squad, and head to galleries, openings, or shows. It’s a great chance to ignite new relationships or nestle into a shared interest network. Attend a talk or show surrounded by people as passionate as you on a subject close to your heart. 

Entertainment Scorpio 

Venus is arriving in her gilded carriage, igniting your career and public image sphere for the next four months. This gives you ample time to recalibrate your long-range game plan and get your ducks in a row. Since Venus is associated with beauty, design, relationships, and, of course, love, why not polish up your professional assets? Are you making the most of your natural magnetism? Is it time to network a different avenue, consider a fresh new look, or go with a total rebrand? You might not quite see it yet, but you’ll pick up on new ideas and inspiration as the weeks pass. Cast the net and gather concepts with no rush to implement just yet. 

Entertainment Sagittarius

 It’s time for an adventure as Venus arrives like a golden goddess in your zone of expansion. Over the next four months, this position of the planet of love and beauty favors your sign. Flowing freely in support of your direction and sense of self, the more you open up to possibility, the more you benefit. Higher education, international travel, exploration of ideas, arts, or spirituality; if it brings you pleasure, you’re on the right track. Although you tend to be adaptable, you may have a fixed opinion on who or what you like, how you like it, or what you’re even open to. In this case, keep an open mind, and peg your boundary lines a little further out to incorporate new relationships with people and ideas. If it feels good, it probably is; if it doesn’t, question it. 

Entertainment Capricorn

As Venus sizzles into your zone of intimacy, set the stage for passion. Explore the depth of your desire and consider a costume and scene change to add drama and spice. In the sign of Leo for the next four months, the planet of love encourages a playful approach so you get it just right. Go beyond the surface but make it fun. Enjoy theatrics and a bit of healthy drama (like role-playing), and explore your leadership vs. vulnerable side. Tap into the psychology of relationships through a respected platform like the Gottman Institute or the idea of erotic intelligence by psychologist Ester Perel. Trust in the abundance that flows through the connections you create over this period. Know that you deserve love, pleasure, and prosperity on your terms. 

Entertainment Aquarius

Enjoy sizzling one on one time with bae as the planet of love and beauty graces your zone of partnership. Embracing the power of collaboration, what could you achieve together better than solo? Whether seeking a new best friend, a life partner or deepening an existing bond, shine your unique style and attract those who appreciate your individuality. Honor the principle of equality in your relationships, ensuring both voices are heard, and needs are met. Open your heart to possibilities that lie ahead, knowing that love and connection are your birthright. You are an extraordinary individual, so cultivate one-to-one experiences that reflect and meet your desires. Schedule time with your favorites and nourish your bonds with playful and imaginative activities. 

Entertainment Pisces

Infuse your work life and daily routines with a touch of glamour, Pisces. As Venus glides into your zone of wellness and work, you are ready for a glow-up! Spark joy, express your passion in pursuing project goals, and platform and showcase your skills and expertise. Embrace your fierce pursuit of excellence and keep up a sense of humor to create an enjoyable experience. Let your inner diva shine through, whether revamping your workspace or incorporating self-care into your schedule. And I do mean the original and classic version that honors the creator at the top of her craft. Taking care of yourself on the daily isn’t a luxury but a necessity. Determination and ambition look good on you, especially when infused with self-love. So fill your cup first and water your goals from there. 

Vanessa Montgomery—a.k.a. Astro All-Starz—is a professional counseling astrologer and the upcoming author of Astro Power: A Simple Guide to Prediction and Destiny for the Modern Mystic Aimed at enlightenment and seeing past labels to the oneness that unites us all, Montgomery’s work also helps navigate the practical essentials with grounded cosmic intel. Her motto: Free your mind, own your power, create your world. You can learn more at astroallstarz.com or follow Montgomery on Instagram @astro_allstarz.

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