Here Are The High Ten Finest-Selling Nintendo Switch Video games As Of March 2023


Here Are The High Ten Finest-Selling Nintendo Switch Video games As Of March 2023


A Wii U popular returns

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Nintendo has released its final financial file for the fiscal year ending March 2023, giving us an updated search for at the finest-selling games on Switch.

With the closing file abet in February, we had been impressed to glimpse Pokémon Scarlet and Violet bursting into the discontinue-ten list in spite of only one month of records being available for the sport, and this time we can see that Game Freak’s most recent is keeping the very same field with a total of twenty-two.10 million objects to its name (as of March 2023).

If truth be told, nearly your total list is a similar as closing quarter, other than for Pokémon: Let’s Race, Pikachu! & Let’s Race, Eevee!, which slides off the discontinue 10 ensuing from the look of Contemporary Astronomical Mario Bros. U Deluxe which jumps into ninth negate with a fab 15.41 objects sold, pushing Ring Match Bound into tenth.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe remains unbeaten at the discontinue of the list, making improvements to from the closing file’s 52 million objects to attain an scrutinize-watering 53.seventy nine million copies sold — will it ever gradual down?

High Ten Finest-Selling Nintendo Switch Video games (As Of March 2023):

  1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 53.seventy nine million (up from 52.00 million)
  2. Animal Crossing: Contemporary Horizons – 42.21 million (up from 41.59 million)
  3. Astronomical Atomize Bros. Final – 31.09 million (up from 30.44 million)
  4. The Account of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – 29.81 million (up from 29.00 million)
  5. Pokémon Sword and Defend – 25.82 million (up from 25.68 million)
  6. Astronomical Mario Odyssey – 25.76 million (up from 25.12 million)
  7. Pokémon Scarlet & Violet – 22.10 million (up from 20.61 million)
  8. Astronomical Mario Event – 19.14 million (up from 18.seventy nine million)
  9. Contemporary Astronomical Mario Bros. Deluxe – 15.41 million
  10. Ring Match Bound – 15.38 million (up from 15.22 million)

The numbers above are worldwide sales, combining retail, digital, and copies bundled with hardware.

How heaps of the discontinue ten attain you be pleased this time spherical? Impressed by Scarlet and Violet’s numbers? Belief it would possibly truly maybe well private caught up with Sword and Shielf by now? Enable us to perceive within the feedback.


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